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MAKERS OF THE FIRST AND BEST RECLINER CHAIR IN THE WORLD, Ekornes is currently the largest furniture maker in Norway and produces an extremely high quality product that has not been able to be replicated in over 42 years. Design, function and comfort are at the heart of the Stressless concept. The recliners Ekornes builds feature unique functions found nowhere else like our Plus™ System, which gives you perfect lumbar and neck support, and the Glide System that follows your body’s movements to adjust your recliner to the perfect position. Ekornes's adjustable Ottomans complete the experience of comfort you’ll find in no other recliner. Our products are built to the highest standards and feature a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism. No one builds a recliner like Stressless and NATIVA is proud to be one of the few fine furniture stores in the United States to offer its product line.